Training Army Special Operations Brigade

I’m a chartered psychologist, certified systems coach and Captain in the British Army. I have undergone a range of trainings and qualifications, including the NHS Top Manager’s Programme, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, ICP-SYS’ Systems Coaching training, NSPC’s Leadership training, and a range of UN and military leadership and community engagement initiatives. My doctorate in psychology involved research on alienation and identity under extreme stress.

My function in organisations has always been the analyst and critical thinker. I want to understand why, with whom, for what reason and with what objective? How can we do this cleaner, better, more vibrant? As such, I’ve worked in a range of civil society organisations for over two decades now.

Teaching at University of the West of England

Community cohesiveness and empowerment are central to me. I spent two years in East Timor in senior positions in DPKO’s and UNDP’s Civic Education programs as we facilitated the Timorese rebuilding of their country after civil war had torn it apart. I oversaw similar projects in southern Afghanistan for a year, though here much of my duties were on ensuring mutual agreements and understanding between warring clans and countries (Taliban, Mujahedin and a range of Western Militaries).

Education is core to understanding diversity and facilitating growth. I have taught Systemic Thinking and Practice, Leadership, Groupwork and similar topics at doctoral level in both Bristol and London Universities. More importantly, I have managed to engage kids that wouldn’t dream of engaging by setting up a counselling service in a PRU, and also collaborating on the establishment of Empire Boxing’s therapeutic service. All this has taught me how to work with diverse groups, to be able to teach to radically different learning styles, and to listen to those that rarely get heard.

Running workshop (with Ukrainian bulava)

My current main focus is the British Army. I support a range of teams and task groups on operational and strategic levels. A good day sees me inputting on concrete tasks with psychological expertise, facilitating overarching strategic policy, coupled with ongoing team building, integration between disparate task forces, wargaming, support to the Commander, and teaching. I have worked with soldiers deploying to the front line, at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Shrivenham Defence Academy, Army Special Operations Brigade and in a range of Information Operations. My experience of instructing on international operations include work with U.S. Army Special Warfare Center and Swedish Army Combat Medic trainings. The nature of my work with the Army and the current global situation means that I may sometimes need to deploy on short notice, and I ask that my other clients are understanding of this.

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